Saturday, August 23, 2008


This is the tentative schedule for the year:

1st Six Weeks-Physical Geography Unit
Human Geography Unit

2nd Six Weeks-The United States and Canada
Latin America

3rd Six Weeks-Europe

4th Six Weeks-Russia
Southwest Asia (Middle East)

5th Six Weeks-Africa
Southeast Asia

6th Six Weeks-South Asia

Grading Policy

Every assignment is worth a set amount of points. Points will be added together and divided by the total points possible to determine grades.

Grades will consist of four main components:

1. Binder-contains assignments, notes and maps, graded on a regular basis and is worth approximately 150 points per six weeks. If a binder is lost student will be allowed to make up as many assignments as possible before deadline. Work must be completed to earn the points.

2. Essays/Projects-One essay/project per six weeks involving research worth approximately 150 points per six weeks.

3. Quizzes-one quiz per week evaluating learning and class involvement worth approximately 120 points per six weeks.

4. Tests-one test per unit evaluating comprehension, analysis, and synthesis of material worth approximately 250 points per six weeks.

Failure to present an assignment will result in a grade of zero, and will severely affect the student's final grade.

There will be extra credit opportunities throughout the term that I strongly encourage all students to take advantage of to maximize their opportunities for success.

Classroom Rules

Five Essential Rules of Class:

1. Respect each other with common courtesy.

2. Be prepared for class with all supplies and in your seat by the tardy bell.

3. Participate actively and listen attentively.

4. Complete and submit homework on time.

5. Raise your hand and wait for teacher acknowledgement before speaking.


Required Supplies (to be brought to class EVERY day)

-One and a half (1 1/2) inch binder
-10 Dividers
-A box of Color Pencils
-Black pens
-Loose leaf paper
-World Geography Textbook

Each of these items is essential every day.