Saturday, August 23, 2008

Grading Policy

Every assignment is worth a set amount of points. Points will be added together and divided by the total points possible to determine grades.

Grades will consist of four main components:

1. Binder-contains assignments, notes and maps, graded on a regular basis and is worth approximately 150 points per six weeks. If a binder is lost student will be allowed to make up as many assignments as possible before deadline. Work must be completed to earn the points.

2. Essays/Projects-One essay/project per six weeks involving research worth approximately 150 points per six weeks.

3. Quizzes-one quiz per week evaluating learning and class involvement worth approximately 120 points per six weeks.

4. Tests-one test per unit evaluating comprehension, analysis, and synthesis of material worth approximately 250 points per six weeks.

Failure to present an assignment will result in a grade of zero, and will severely affect the student's final grade.

There will be extra credit opportunities throughout the term that I strongly encourage all students to take advantage of to maximize their opportunities for success.

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